Can we take a minute to acknowledge the fact that Oliver Queen is smiling, like really smiling not just a quick smile, or a smirk or anything like that but he looked at Felicity and you can see his eyes smiling too. Like he really loves this woman. And his smile as she’s walking away and when he ask her out says it all, she his girl foreal, his Felicity.

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what the fuck is this though seriously

a good fucking time thats what
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“There’s a new gentleman who wants to buy Queen Consolidated [in season 3]. Specifically for their tech division. He figures out pretty soon that there was an IT woman there who was then Oliver’s assistant who seemed to have a bizarre career trajectory at the company so he goes looking for her. And wants her to be a part of the company,” Berlanti hinted.

Queen Consolidated and Ray Palmer - x

he goes looking for her


And wants her to be a part of the company


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Yup to all that!

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